Rain on my parade

My anxiety disorder is a mixed bag of ups and downs. One minute I’m rock bottom, the next I’m in the clouds and loving life. Most recently, life has been pretty good with anxiety key relatively at bay. That was until today! 

There always seems to be that one, or small group of people who like to bring you down just for the hell of it and usually I succumb to it, however this time I point blank refuse. 

I’ve never enjoyed being the centre of attention, I hate an ‘all eyes on me’ moment and always have. It’s not something I like to do, or take part in, and ensure I avoid it at all costs. A specific group of people I know are aware of how uncomfortable it makes me, and in the next few days will be doing something that will definitely make me uncomfortable and my reaction will no doubt feed it. 

So my approach? Don’t react. It seems obvious I know, but this will be such a difficult thing to do but something I’m determined to do. I refuse to feed their fun, and will play the whole thing down. And say to myself ‘if you’re going through hell, keep going’. 

Sometimes life will throw this kind of crap at you, you can either fall at the first hurdle, or clear them all. I intend to clear every single one. 


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