Helping hand

When suffering from an anxiety disorder, it often feels the loneliest place you can be, and the scariest. If you know someone who has an anxiety disorder, it’s very difficult to try to understand what they’re going through, which can often be a off putting when offering help. 

Many people with anxiety issues won’t ask you to understand, usually they don’t ask anything from you at all, because it makes them anxious. 

But what can you do? 

Listen. This is the most important thing, and doing so can not only just make someone feel better, it can actually drive them towards a faster recovery. 

If they’re having a hard time, listen. If they’re coming up against something challenging and are worried about it, listen. If they’re petrified of doing something or going somewhere, listen. As a rational thinker, your consideration and help may just be the one thing that can turn your friend or family member’s life around. 


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    Putting this out as it is a wonderful piece that I totally agree with written by someone I respect so much #mhfriends


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