Push your positivity

I’m a strong believer that concentrating on positive things can reduce your anxiety. For me, anxiety and depression go hand in hand. The more anxious I am, the lower my mood goes as I struggle to cope and come to terms and the worse my mood is, the more anxious it makes me. 

To combat this, I look for positives in everything I do. For example, this morning I walked to the local shop for some milk. 18 months ago, that tiny walk would have been something I simply couldn’t do without a ridiculous anxiety attack. In fact, going to that shop was a challenge of mine. Yet today, as I walked back from the shop, I realised I hadn’t even considered anxiety when going, and actually enjoyed the walk as a time out. 

For me this is a huge positive step, it shows my hard work has paid off, and my constant challenging, although extremely hard to do, may just be changing my life one small step at a time. 

Wherever your anxiety disorder is at, look for positives. Look for the small changes that 6, 12 or 18 months ago would be impossible. Look for the person who said ‘how are you?’ That wouldn’t normally. What about the lovely cup of tea you had in the morning that made you feel good?

If you look hard enough, one of these small positives may just be the key to making today that tiny bit better. 


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