Meds – Our choice

I was weary about writing this post, but it’s something that directly affects my anxiety, so I’m writing it. It in no way suggests what I’m saying is correct for everyone, but it’s correct for me. 

Recently, I’ve had messages from people suggesting I try different medication, and I want to explain why it’s not for me. As we all know, most of us too well, anxiety can be crippling, debilitating and put your life on hold. When anxiety first took hold of me, all three of those were relevant, and for certain day-to-day tasks, they still are. For a portion of us, we choose therapy, be it on our own or with a professional, to try to get through our difficult time. Others are offered medicinal help in order to cope with it and get their life back on track. 

For me, I chose not to go down the medication route. This is not a reflection on how I think everybody should handle it, it’s just how I want to. For my own situation, I believe in tackling the core problem to break through my anxiety. I was offered medication, took them home and sat looking at them for a while before I chose the therapy route. I didn’t want to mask my problems, but instead look at what the problems were, where they came from and how I could handle it. 

I’m not going to sit here and say my journey has been easy or straight forward. I’ve had set backs, doubts about my choice and even considered going to the doctors to ask for medication. But up to now, I’ve managed to stay medication free and that’s my intention for the future.

One of my biggest worries is dependency, I’m terrified I would rely on medication for sleep or for my mood and it’s not a risk I’m comfortable taking, which is the backbone to my many reasons for not going down this road. 

So please don’t be offended if a) I push back against your recommendations or b) if anything in this post jars with you. 

Every journey is different, every illness is valid and unique and every approach is down to choice. And this is mine. 



  1. Thanks for sharing your experience! The decision of whether to take medication is an extremely personal one. I don’t think anyone should be faulted for what they choose one way or another. I’ve seen people annoyingly called “stubborn” for deciding not to take medication, and others accused of “not trying hard enough” because they did decide to start medication. As you said, every experience is valid and unique and there is no magical treatment that will have the same effect on everyone. Kudos to you for taking ownership of your decision!


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