Thank you

Tonight I was speaking with my mum, and we were talking about how much my anxiety has changed in the last year, and discussed how things went from rock bottom to today. I couldn’t have survived without a certain amount of people supporting me along the way. So this post is my way to say thank you. 

Firstly, thank you to my mum. Her responsiveness in that exact second is hit rock bottom saved my life. In that split second, had she not answered the phone and said the right things, I don’t know what the outcome would have been. I had nowhere else to go, nowhere else to turn. 

Secondly, my thank you goes to my girlfriend. We were together for around 6 months when anxiety set in, and a year when I’d hit rock bottom. Her willingness to not only accept it but to educate herself on my condition means that whilever I’m on this ridiculous journey, she’s able to help me through the blocks in the road and for that, I’ll be eternally grateful. 

Thirdly to my boss. Initially, I had no thank you for him. He didn’t respond well, he didn’t accept it and my life became difficult. But over time his acceptance and flexibility means that I’m on a good path to recovery with limited pressures to set me back. 

Fourth(ly?) is to my best mate. We rarely speak of anxiety, he’s only known around 6 months, but in the last few weeks he’s offered me a helping hand, and shown understanding I never thought he had. The future looks good knowing he wants to help. 

Lastly, you lot. I can’t express how grateful I am to get the support I do from people, be it when in a crisis and needing a few words, to retweeting my blog to get my message out there and my story heard. I’m so thankful I decided to have a social media presence, and the fact I’m able to help people is, I hope, payment enough for the support I’ve had. 

So that’s it. There aren’t many people in my life that know. But the ones that do, fortunately, make my life easier to handle the dark sides of it. 



  1. Hey dude, great to see another guy talking openly about anxiety 🙂 well done on getting to where you are now and having the determination to get through the bad days 🙂 Imagine where you’ll be a year from now!


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