Today is world mental health day and this day will mean so much to so many people. It can be a day to reflect on what your struggle is, a day to forget through fear of rejection. 

For me, it’s a day to be proud. Proud that I’m unique. Proud that I struggle every day, but still manage to smile for those that matter. Proud that I fought every day for 3 years to take control of my anxiety disorder. Proud that I continue to fight and stare a challenge in the face and say ‘today you’re not taking my spirit’. I’m proud to be a sufferer, it shows courage, strength, determination, stubbornness and gives me a non-judgemental outlook on life. 

Along with being proud of myself, I’m proud of my friends who also suffer. I’ve never met these friends, they’re all over Twitter. They tweet me regularly to ask advice, ask for help and some just want to talk. Most recently, I’ve seen a shift in many anxiety disorders, and I’m seeing my friends finally conquering demons. They’re starting new jobs, going back to work when they don’t feel they can. They’re venturing out with their family, they’re standing tall against what they consider to be their biggest fears. 

To those friends who are having it rough, it means your anxiety is worried that you’re winning so is pulling out all of the stops to make life difficult for you. Keep going, keep fighting, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, you just need to keep walking and you’ll see it.

#wmhd2015 can be a symbol of struggle, heartache, loss, grief and stigma. For me, it’s a symbol of pride. We’re stronger than the illness, and we’re getting stronger every day. Keep fighting, you ARE strong enough. 


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