Let Go

Ok, this post is for some friends of mine on Twitter, who I offered to help by writing a CBT method, so here you go guys!Firstly, I can’t do any of this for you. CBT is all about you taking back control of your mind, your body and your life. So this will take some work from you to face your fears. All I can do is promise you, you’ll be absolutely fine afterwards, and you’ll realise it. 

Ok, so anxiety has taken so much of your life, it can sometimes knock you sick. It’s affected your work, your family and everything in between, and the annoying thing is there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it except to let it go. It’s done and you can’t go back, but what you can do is not spend another moment worrying about it. Let it go, it’s time to get your life back! 

All anxieties are different – in fact it’s rare that any two are exactly the same – so CBT is tailored to your requirements. However, the message is simple, face your fears and you WILL pass through it. 

Fears CANNOT hurt you. Fear is created in your own head, to warn you of potential danger that may not even happen in order to prepare yourself. 

Next time you’re facing anxiety, you need to change your mindset. You’re no longer going to be a victim to this, you’re taking control and taking your life back. It doesn’t matter how you remind yourself, be it post it’s everywhere or a wallpaper on your phone that you can look at repeatedly.

When you feel the symptoms, stop and say to yourself ‘No! I am going to face up to this. Nothing is going to happen’ and go ahead. The first time you do this will be terrifying but you’ll soon realise you’re not in danger, and you’re going to succeed.

So each morning, you’re becoming crippled with anxiety. You wake with butterflies and it just seems to get worse and worse. You don’t know why it’s happening this way but it is and is terrifying. The reason it’s happening is because of anxiety itself. Anxiety isn’t starting in the morning. It’s starting the night before, when you’re laid dreading waking up, hoping you’re going to have an easy day. Anxiety doesn’t just start, you’re thoughts are creating it, and thus bring on on physical symptoms. 

Tonight when you go to bed, try looking at it differently. Don’t go to sleep worrying you’ll wake up with anxiety as inevitably you will. Instead start with a new outlook, think to yourself ‘OK, I’m going yo wake up with anxiety, but you know what? I’ll be fine after. I was fine today, I was fine yesterday, I’ll be fine today’. Keep saying it over and over again, make yourself believe it. 

Fear of anxiety feeds anxiety itself. I sit here, as a recovering anxiety sufferer, with the experience to be able to tell you that anxiety cannot hurt you. Anxiety is your own body telling you that you need to be alert and aware, and that’s it. 

By looking at your anxiety differently, you start to tell it ‘Not today! This day is mine’ 

I KNOW you can do it. Hundreds have done it, and you can too! Please anyone feel free to comment here or message me if you feel I could help, I love seeing people beat this awful illness. 


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