I’m not sorry anymore. 

This short post (rant) is to basically reaffirm my position on mental health mixing with life in general. I see so many people day in day out fighting their way through life with depression hanging over them, pushing them down with every step, or anxiety eating away at us until we have absolutely no confidence or bravery to do anything. 

What makes me really sad is that people in what I call the ‘outside world’ don’t always understand, prompting people to basically apologise for the mental illness they have, and it infuriates me. We have enough to deal with without feeling the need to apologise because of other people’s lack of understanding. So…

If you have a mental illness, be it anxiety, depression, PTSD or any number of things, believe me when I say you’re doing amazing. Regardless of how you think you’re doing, you’re still alive which means you have strength, more strength than you probably thought you knew. To live every day with something so draining and so debilitating is incredible, and you should be proud of the fact that you’re making it through. Secondly, never be ashamed of getting help. Whatever that help is, be it therapy, physical exercise, even talking to a friend, if it helps you then who cares what it is? Who cares whether it’s the right way to do it? Just do what works for you, what makes you happy, and what gives you the ammunition to beat whatever illness you have. 

NEVER apologise for having a mental illness. If you fell and hit your head, you wouldn’t apologise for having a headache, someone would fetch you pain killers. If you had an accident and broke your leg, you wouldn’t apologise, someone would open you the door to hobble through. If you tripped on a crack in the road, you wouldn’t apologise, someone would help you up. It’s time someone helped you fight your mental illness too. 

I never apologise for having a mental illness. I didn’t ask for it, so you can bollocks if you think I’m going to say sorry if it offends you. Try living with it for even one day. Then come back to me. 


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