It’s my birthday! 

Today is my birthday! Not my actual birthday, that’s in July. Today is my Twitter birthday and I’m one year old! To mark the occasion I thought I’d blog about what it’s done for me, so for people just starting out they’ll see what it can be all about. 

When I started, my intention was to share my story. This time last year I’d decided anxiety was no longer going to be a dirty secret, and I needed to push myself to speaking out. I was terrified of the results, I thought I’d be mocked and dismissed as I have been in life. How wrong I was…

I met some incredible people who would mould me into who I am today – a stronger, more accepting person with a strong following of people who do genuinely mean a lot to me. 

Having a mental illness can be so isolating, lovely and limiting in what you feel you’re able to do. For me, Twitter took all of that away. I met some amazing people; who together we built a great little community that brings new people together and new followers in all the time. We’ve danced together, surfed together, drank together, danced a bit more and collectively they’ve talked me through hangovers. 

The whole community has been there on awesome days and in times where I’ve needed talking through a severe panic attack, each one of them offering advice, care and consideration – absolutely priceless when you’re completely losing it. 

Twitter is such a brilliant place to be 100% myself and no one will judge me what so ever. 

I love that. 



  1. Reblogged this on davidsoapbox and commented:
    I could not agree more, Twitter has an amazing MH community which I feel proud to be a part of. I am also proud of my friend on his re-birthday. Inspirational and strong, everyday for everyone


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