Inspirational nonsense 

As I make my way on this little journey with anxiety and mental health wobbles, I’ve turned to so many different things that in some way or another get me through the days. This isn’t necessarily anxiety related, but more things that I relate to with individual challenges along the way.

Basically, I thought I’d write a post about the things, people and places that inspire me to be a better version of the somewhat strange little thing I’ve become.

First off, there’s my mum. Yes, I’m a self proclaimed mummies boy and no, I don’t care. She’s a brilliant person with a heart of gold and where she came from (homeless with 2 kids) to where she is now (owns her own business and raised me, a fine specimen) is nothing short of amazing and I’m so very proud of her. Secondly, My girlfriend – she’s everything I look to be, confident, beautiful (ok I’d prefer handsome), generous and very caring. She’s my best mate and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her. These two people inspire me to push on with my anxiety and hopefully one day overcome whatever challenges will be thrown my way.

I also follow a few famous people on Twitter, but do so because the way they are inspires me in different ways. For example, I follow Alan Carr because I find him hilarious and his DVDs got through some lonely, fear filled nights. I follow the long jumper Greg Rutherford as I’m a bit of a fan boy and as a fellow ginger were practically family. The way he approaches the sport and his attitude to fitness has inspired me to be more active and drop a stone (and counting) but also how he handled the whole homophobia in boxing situation – admirable. Through him I found by his partner, which although is aimed at other mums, meant that as someone who’s trying for a baby at the moment, I can laugh with my girllfriend at all the things we’ve got to come.
I follow many Chefs because as I’ve mentioned before I love to cook and feel it’s an incredible source of anxiety relief (this is also where the exercise inspiration comes in, I’m VERY greedy). Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, the hairy bikers and Dan Doherty all keep me trying new things and hopefully one day I’ll be able to cook professionally in one area or another.

I have a back catalogue of quotes, including:

The devil says to the warrior, ‘you can’t stand the storm’. The warrior replies ‘I am the storm’.

‘If you’re going through hell, keep going’

‘Failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of the success’

And then there’s my Twitter family, who get me through so many different challenges day in day out and knowing the support is there is brilliant.

I dream of going to far away places, with white sand and incredible culture so I can learn all different things. In fact, I’m booking my first abroad holiday since having anxiety and we go in 3 months (again, I need a major exercise boost). Visiting new places and seeing new things is what life is all about – if you don’t experience anything, then you’re merely just existing.

And music, I absolutely love music. I have a new found love for vinyl at the moment, band wagon well and truly jumped on, and am currently building a collection of what I consider to be the greatest albums of all time.

So yea, inspiration for me is so many things. A picture of a nice pie, a well typographical quote, a baby blog, reggae music (Bob is Life), a chef or just my girlfriend in her PJs with her hair all fluffy and Jackson 5-ish laughing at my jokes and being my mate.

I’m going to be taking part in a project soon for mental health awareness week so watch this space for some of the things that inspire me 🙂


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