Anxiously twittered

A little over 16 months ago, I made the decision to open a secret Twitter account as an outlet/sound board for my anxiety. This would remain anonymous, and would allow me to be completely open and honest about my anxiety, and use my experiences to help other ‘new sufferers’ as I called them. 

Little did I know what was to come from my account! 

I started to call myself ‘the anxiety warrior’, constantly fighting battles with my own mind, hoping to win a future that would mean I could live a normal and happy life. Since then, so much about me has changed and I wanted to explain why. 

Having started relatively new, I followed the typical ‘anxiety’ accounts, began tweeting my life, my anxiety and my issues, in a bid to try and reach some new people – and reach them I did! 

I began to get a small following on here, 20-30 to start with, and I was learning how I wasn’t so unique anymore. There were LOADS of people like me, struggling day to day, trying to make sense of what was happening, and so began my involvement in a small community. I began blogging my journey, discussing what I go through, what I feel and specific challenges I face and how I cope with them, and had a brilliant response. I began connecting with people allover the world from all different situations each dealing with the same issues, allowing us to support each other. 

Over the last 16 months, I’ve built up 1430 followers, which grows by around 5-10 per day. I don’t know why, but I’m so touched that people want to follow my story, turn to me for support or even do so to offer support to me. 

I’m now part of a Twitter family #friendsnotfollowers who are all there when I need them, who support one another, who invite people that are struggling into the network so they’re not alone. It doesn’t matter that I’m faceless, it doesn’t matter what my past is, what my future is. They’re just my mates who all actually understand what I’m going through. 

Anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar and many other mental illnesses can be so lonely and isolated – Twitter has allowed me to not be alone anymore. If I’m having a rough few days I can share it. If I’m having an amazing day, I can try to boost others. If I just want to talk about something, I know there are so many people just waiting to hear me and it’s such an amazing and privileged position to be in. 

My commitment to this is simple, I’ll continue to speak out, continue to support others, continue to battle anxiety every single day. If you’re battling alone, I’ll stand with you. If you’re heading down a path that scares you, I’ll lead the way. If you’re happy, I’ll celebrate with you. 

Let’s not be lonely anymore. 


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