My Twitter and Me

I’m back! Had a few days away from Twitter, with only the odd glance and sporadic messages to people seeking advice. I felt I needed to figure out what this account was for, what my goal easy and how I can use it to benefit other people. 

This account started about 18 months ago, when I was well on my road to recovery, and deciding to share my story. I talked with people who could relate to me, and me to them, I swapped nightmare stories, looked for support and tried to offer just the same. Being the ‘Anxiety Warrior’ has helped me so much to face my anxiety for what it is, knowing there are hundreds of people just like me – it’s helped to shape who I am. Since then, my life has drastically changed. Through hard work and dedication, anxiety is no longer a daily burden. Yes, anxiety is very much a part of my life, and remains embedded in my mind, like a lit fuse on a bomb that I have to keep putting out. But day to day? I’m OK. I Go to meet friends, happy to be most places without fear of something drastic happening, I’m no longer riddled with fear at simply popping to the supermarket – and for this reason, I was questioning whether I’m actually qualified to have this account anymore. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have my moments of anxiety where, in what I consider to be extreme situations, I’m overwhelmed with panic and fear, yet the tools I’ve learnt over the last 18 months allows me to take control, remain in control and get through which is something I longed for in my darkest times. So, suppose my days are generally happy. Suppose I’m getting by day to day with sometimes no anxiety at all. If that’s the case, what on earth do I tweet? I constantly offer support and advice to people who sometimes reach out to me, but this isn’t all of the time, but other than that, what can I say? 

Is it fair to tweet how bright and wonderful my life can be now, knowing that the people who are so good and kind to follow me are often in the dark place that I once was looking for some kind of connection. 

I don’t really know all of the answers to this, but I’ll keep tweeting my way through life, offering support and advice from someone who’s been there, done it, fought it, and conquered a big part of it to reclaim some of my life back. I’ll always be honest, open and supportive to whoever needs it. I will post positive days out, how well I feel in doing in the hope that someone sees it and thinks ‘I can do that too’. 

I want to reconnect with real life people suffering real life problems, rather than generic accounts with hundreds of retweets and ‘follow for a follow’. (So if I unfollow you, don’t be offended…) 

I always wanted to help people, and hopefully that’s what I’ll do. 


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  1. Totally understand and can relate to what you’re saying here. You’ve articulated something that’s probably been lurking in the back of my mind without knowing it. People that have followed you for any length of time are going to know of your struggles and darkest days and can now hopefully see that there is life after the darkness, things can improve but it is about finding your own coping mechanisms. The illness will always be there but we learn how to cope.


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