My 90 day plan journey – Cycle 1

After 20 years of weight battles, I finally decided to give a new diet plan a try – The Body Coach’s 90 day SSS plan! 

I’ve been loosely following the diet using the books for 8 weeks, losing around 14 pounds or so, and having felt like t was working I decided to bite the bullet, and give the plan a go. 

My history of weight loss has been interesting. Skinny at the age of 10, and after my parents separated I gained weight at a crazy rate, ballooning to 19.5 stone by the age of 18. Since then, I’ve lost 6 stone, then gained 4, lost 3.5 stone, gained 2.5 and I finally stuck around the 16 stone mark. So this felt like my chance to get the body and mindset that I want once and for all.

I signed up, submitted my really from fat photos and measurements and waited a few days for the plan to arrive in my inbox!

Once it did, I was excited. Cycle 1 looks so simple. 3 meals a day with 2 snacks inbetween, with minimal carbs unless you do a workout, then get some carbs. The recipes are bespoke to me, with specific measurements and macronutrients that fuel your body in the correct way. Doddle! 

How wrong I was! I find it quite difficult to adjust in all honesty. The meals are huge. 6 egg omlette for breakfast with mushrooms and spinach – So. Much. Food. Im someone who has probably 2 rashers of turkey bacon and a poached egg usually. I was literally forcing it down me which I found very difficult. But after a quick email to my support coach Estelle (she’s a legend) I found things much easier. 

Lunch was fine, very large but I found it much easier to eat as I could eat when I was hungry and he meals do taste good. Salmon fish cakes, stuffed peppers, spicy Thai turkey mince – all lovely food. Same really with the evening meals, I’ve been working out 4-5 times per week and enjoying carbs as a reward! 

The thing I’ve struggled with is not really feeling I’m getting results. I know it’s a long process, and I will definitely not give up, but I will admit it’s been tough and because if it I feel I haven’t given it 100%. 

After what felt like a few fails and a couple of blips, I’ve decided to repeat week 2, starting with a fresh slate and ensuring I’m following the plan 100% – and so far this week it’s been positive. So I will continue to do what I’m doing, focusing and thanks to a couple of folks on Twitter I’ve gathered myself, given myself a little slap and will plough on. 

Sorry it’s not a more positive post. I did want it to be, but I’d rather be honest. I’ll see you at the end of cycle 1!


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