This week saw me take part in my first ever twitter talk created by  and this week was hosted by ! It was such fun, and a brilliant way to engage with people who, like myself, have a story to tell. I could answer questions I only wish people would ask me, and answer honestly as a way to feel like I had an opportunity to get my views across. It was a great hour session and people really seemed to have gotten something out of it, and so many interacted that #TalkMH was trending.

It saddens me though, that even after all of the openness, honesty and understanding from many people, that an individual decided to throw into the mix “I don’t know why you all keep going on about mental health, it’s just boring. You just need to go for a walk”

Go. For. A. Walk

I don’t often swear via twitter or blogs, but I find this absolute fucking idiot infuriating. Just go for a walk? So when I’m trembling so hard I can’t control my body moving, when my heart is pounding so hard I can’t think of anything else, when I feel so sick I don’t eat for several days you want me to just go for a walk? You’re a fucking moron.

Mental illness isn’t about lack of fresh air you toolbox, mental illness is covered by a whole spectrum of things that are too vast to begin trying to understand in a single blog post. For me, anxiety isn’t lack of walking, it’s absolute paralysing fear that something out of my control will happen and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. My anxiety disorder is accompanied by constant jelly legs, IBS which sometimes prevents me from leaving the house due to the severe pain in my lower abdomen. My anxiety disorder isn’t just  a case of pulling myself together when I’m out for dinner staring at a meal with a friend knowing if I take one bite I’ll throw up, finding the nearest exit point, the closest toilet to escape to, mind racing and looking for reasons as to why I might be able to leave early and go home to bed.

Anxiety isn’t just “being nervous”, anxiety is all of the above and so much more to so many people. You think you’re bored of hearing about mental health? I haven’t even started. We don’t stalk about it half as much as we could. I sat in silence for 10 months before my whole world crumbled around me over the space of a year. My condition was dragged out of me by several people because I spend so long fighting the need to open up and talk about my mental health, mostly because of knob heads like yourself who spend so much energy fuelling the stigma that people like me have to deal with every day through the use of your mouth that seems completely disconnected from a brain with rational thinking.

*And breathe*

Bit of a rant there – sorry! I just feel so annoyed that in modern day people are still judged so much, and opressed to a point of no longer daring to open up because of narrow minded people. Why can’t mental health have the same response as physical health?

“I’ve broken my leg”
Oh how awful! Get well soon

“I feel so sick all of the time”
“Oh no, you should go to the doctors”

“I’ve got terrible tooth ache”
“You need to go to the dentist and get some help, don’t suffer with it”

“I have been diagnosed with depression”
“Can’t you just go for a walk?”

The positives are that the world is changing. Things are being talked about more. Mental health conditions are being more widely recognised, and I think that’s amazing. Communities are coming together to talk about mental health and as a result I think people can feel they’re no longer alone.

All we need now is to just get rid of the ignorance and the world will be a more beautiful place.



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