My pledge 

So here I am, laid on the sofa after a brilliant night nursing a ridiculous hangover and feeling very sorry for myself. The annoying part is I hadn’t drank that much, but obviously enough for my body to say ‘nope, not today’. 

I was laid on the bathroom floor earlier his morning having just been sick, I was red hot, head ache, light headed and just felt generally rough – all through my own doing. 

I then stopped and thought ‘I’d have definitely had a good night without drinking, so why did I bother doing this to myself’. The only reason is because that’s ‘just what you do’. You go to a party, get drunk and feel ill the next day. In the past I did drink to make anxiety a bit easier at situations like that, but this was different, more of a ‘let’s drink to get drunk’, and I honestly don’t know why. 

So I decided today that I’d do things a little differently. As I focus on my mental health, physical health is important too, so I decided that from 12:00am, January 1st I won’t drink for a full year. For the whole of 2017 I’m not going to have a drink. 

My thought is that basically I want to see if I can do it, and if I can’t then why can’t I? I’m not for one second insinuating in dependant or that alcohol is an easy thing to give up if you are an alcoholic or recovering alcoholic, that’s not what this is. This is me taking control of another part of my life in a bed to become a little bit healthier. 

So that is my pledge. 

I pledge to give up alcohol for the whole of 2017. 

Wish me luck! 



  1. I like this! I’ve not drunk in a long time and got through many social occasions not having alcohol touch my lips. It used to frustrate me that my ex would tell everyone I was teetotal when actually, it probably was more a point of being in control. Strangely enough, in the last month, I’ve chosen to drink again on social occasions. I think solely because ‘it’s the norm’ not necessarily because I enjoy it. Maybe I should join you and reaffirm my pledge…


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