A new identity

In the beginning, having an anonymous account on twitter was the way for me to be completely open and honest. 

When I created the account, I obviously didn’t want a photo of my face, so looked around the house and settled on a Buddha head we had sat on the fire which became my identity for almost 2 years. 

This worked well, and I felt a bit of a connection to it for some reason, however after some time I’ve been making this account a bit more personal. I’ve introduced myself by name to a select few friends on here because I feel comfortable to do so, and with this I wanted to add personality to an account. I saw Ben Cameron, a really good artist on twitter, tweet about creating bespoke art/sketches so I had a think about what avi would best describe me. 

Firstly – the character. My favourite quote is this:

‘The devil whispers to the warrior ‘You can’t withstand the storm’

The warrior replies ‘I am the storm’

This resonates with me so much and I use this when I’m facing anxiety head on. I’m a fighter by nature and this saying really pushes me into a situation with my head high. Because of this, and my name Anxiety Warrior, naturally my character had to be a Warrior too!

Secondly, I didn’t just want to be a person, but something that represented what it takes to fight anxiety like we all do every day. A lion seemed perfect, because it represents strength and courage, so my idea was a cartoon lion holding an oversized shield and sword to represent a lion going to war as a lion, while still vulnerable and perhaps a little small – imagine the young kid out of Disney’s sword in the stone!

So I asked Ben if he’d create me this – and although it’s a bit random, he did just that and captured it perfectly. 

So here he is – the Anxiety Warrior 🙂

Hope you like it!


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