Anxious Fertility Pt. 4

We did it. 

We actually did it. 

We’re pregnant! (Well, the GF is!)

All of those tests, checks, worries and stresses and it just happened. I’m in actual shock! How does it feel I hear you ask?

I’m scared, anxious, excited, need the toilet a lot while I worry about it, I’m happy, nervous – all of the emotions rolled into one little stick with a word written on it. I think this is normal though. It’s happened, it’s actually happened. 

I can’t say much because it’s early days and I know people wouldn’t say anything this soon but for us, we’ve a journey to go, and I intend to document it from an anxious guys point of view. What I do know is that we’re in it together and at the end of it will be the most important little thing in my life. 

Next stop…the scan!


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