New symptom. Help!

Firstly, this could trigger some anxieties revolving around sickness symptoms. Be aware. 

We all know that anxiety brings us mega lols(!) but most recently mines been playing little tricks on me and to be quite honest I’m not sure how best to tackle it. 

See, at the beginning I’d got my symptoms figured out and I was able to control pretty much all of them – I use the term control loosely – so fighting anxiety became a bit of a routine. Until recently that is, where my anxiety seems to have expanded into some new territories where ‘fun’ little symptoms have come into play that I don’t quite know how to deal with. 

That’s where you lovely lot come in! 

Out of 2600 followers I’m hoping at least one of you can relate! 

Basically, late last year I was heading to an event with work and was sharing a car with my boss and a colleague. Now I wasn’t particularly anxious about the event, but I felt ‘off’ and a little sicky but didn’t worry too much. Well that was a mistake, because panic set in and I basically almost threw up all over his car which would have been a nightmare. So much so I told him to turn back and take me back to the office. When I got back I felt really uneasy but the sickness subsided. 

I thought nothing of it, but little did I know a new little trigger had appeared that would begin causing me problems. I now have anxiety dramz when travelling in other people’s cars with people who don’t know about my anxiety. Taxi rides, being a passenger, all of it. Sickness is becoming a big part of my anxiety. This has now expanded into events, so if I’m in a situation I think ‘oh god, what if I throw up!’ and sickness feeling ensues. 

I know this is a fairly common symptom, so that’s why I’m reaching out for some coping techniques you may have taught yourself, learned in CBT or just general advice. I don’t want this to control me anymore so I just need to figure out a way to retrain my brain with it. 

If you have any advice please comment here or reach out on twitter @anxiwarrior I really would appreciate it. 




  1. I am exactly the same! Don’t worry you are not alone in this! I have thrown up before after being so anxious, luckily hasn’t happened in a good while thankfully. I think the fear itself of it happening makes everything seem worse. I also have a similar issue of going to the same place/ doing same thing and getting anxious about it in case I panic. Haven’t fully overcome it yet but all I can say is to accept that you aren’t going to feel 100% and know that that’s okay but that you are going to try. For car journeys that I feel anxious on I like listening to my fave songs as a distraction. Sometimes the lyrics can really help. I personally like a singer called Ryan Sheridan, he has some stuff on youtube, when I’m very anxious I like to listen to his song I’m Alive.
    Thanks for sharing this post and best wishes ☺


  2. My god, I had completely forgotten about this. I used to get it on journeys of anything more than about 20 minutes, be it plane train or automobile where there wasn’t easy access to a toilet. Wasn’t just throwing up either. I used to think “what if i need to go to the toilet? What if i need to ask the driver to stop and we’re on the motorway and there’s a bus full of people… etc etc” god it was so awful. And self-perpetuating too, because the anxiety was actually nausea-inducing!

    Does that sound familiar?

    Firstly I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through it because it’s not only really hellish, but i remember feeling so… silly that it was even a thing for me.

    Now here’s the bad news… I’m not actually sure how i got over it. I’m going to speak to my OH because she will remember it for sure. I think breathing techniques and distraction really. I do remember that actually going to the toilet before the journey didn’t help, that just focused my mind on it more.

    One of my worst was a 40min bus ride from Krakow city centre back to the airport, honestly about the worst 40 mins I’ve ever lived through. full-blown panic attack.

    Sorry for rambling but your post just brought all this flooding back. Let me come back to you after ive spoken to my wife.


    1. It’s such an odd feeling isn’t it. Getting a bus/coach isn’t an option for me. Train travel is restricted to first class so not stuck in crowds and easy access to the toilet. If I’m with my GF I’m fine but dread the embarrassment telling others. Sorry if this dragged anything up for you. Should have probably placed a trigger warning at the beginning


  3. I like to carry a plastic bag around with me, more of a security blanket than the actual need to use it. I also suck on mints or sipp on water. Therapy has taught me to divert my attention else where and stay in the situation until your anxiety has halved and repeated exposure until your anxiety levels overall are lessened.
    Keep fighting the fight


  4. I always take ginger biscuits with me when traveling. They really help to relieve sickness symptoms.


  5. I had this for ages after a particularly scary bout of food poisoning or gastro. i use peppermints, Extra chewing gum, again minty, and also carried a plastic shopping bag just in case but i never had to use it. was good to know it was handy. i’m currently battling anxiety tummy so i have the exact same thoughts about needing loo in a hurry if i’m in the car or anywhere where i don’t know where a loo is easy to get to. it’s pretty bad some days, even get scared goin to supermarket so i’ve started doin more of tht shopping online. which is abit expensive, eek. i think self talk is the way to fix ourselves aye, i only wish it was instant. 😦 take care tho, u can do it, perhaps offer to drive yrself places instead and have a distraction like gum or radio, or your own music.


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