Tomorrow is a new day

OK, this last few weeks I’ve been all over the place. Anxiety with holidays, with work, weekends away and general day to day things have really plagued me. Staying afloat has been tough, but I’ve managed. IBS has been all over the place since my holiday, starting with bloating and constipation to a constant dull ache and cramping.

I’ve also been really down about my weight too. I haven’t gained any, but my fitness has fallen way off track along with my healthy eating and I’ve been struggling to get it back on track. Like tonight, I’ve been tucking into the celebrations and know it’s not going to make me feel any better, but just get fatter.

Everything seems to have piled on top of me and the last few days I’ve struggled. Haven’t focused on my blog, my social media, my cooking or my day-to-day life and it’s bothered me. I sat here, being annoyed at myself because I’m fat, annoyed because I’ve felt ill and have done nothing to make myself feel better. I feel like a mess. So I decided to write this post to myself, it’s time to change.

Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow, I’m going to get up and have a healthy breakfast of oats, almond milk and fruit. For lunch, I’m having fresh salad and salmon with some avocado. I’m going to the gym, where I’ll be ensuring I do a good workout, pounding the treadmill and making myself work up a sweat. For dinner, I’m trying a new recipe which I’ll post to my blog if it works, a chicken curry with a vegetable based sauce – healthy, clean and nutritious.

Tomorrow doesn’t have to be the same as today, the same as yesterday. Tomorrow is a new day, and I’m making the most of it.



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