I did it.

I just made the biggest decision of my life.

I’ve handed my notice in from a job of 8 years, to venture into the world of freelance as a graphic designer/entrepreneur. Was it the right thing to do? Absolutely was. Am I absolutely terrified? Completely.

I haven’t been happy there for a while, and this has always been something I’ve wanted to do, a step I’ve wanted to take and a career path I knew one day I would try. I’ve got ideas in my head that have been wanting to do for a long time but don’t have the time. I want the freedom to be anxious, be in therapy, all those things. I want the freedom to develop both personally and professionally. I want to just be me, in control and doing what I want to do and am passionate about.

I understand that with leaving a job and going self employed there are many financial implications – this isn’t something I’ve taken lightly. I’m good for 5-6 months, and then I’ll have run out. That gives me time to get enough income to cover my outgoings which is just above full time minimum wage.

The biggest thing for me is passion. I’ve lost passion for the job, which makes going 10 times harder for me. The people around me are good people who I get along with and have made some excellent friends, but I feel like the place has turned me into someone I don’t want to be, and it’s having an effect in many aspects of my life.

Obviously the other side I have to consider is anxiety. I’ve spoken with my GF and have a meeting with my therapist to ensure I put measures in place to keep working on myself and progressing, so I don’t relapse. I’m trying to put everything in place so the only thing left for me to do is succeed – and if there’s one thing I’m determined to do it’s succeed.

So, there you have it. It’s a complete clean slate for me, a fresh start and something new to get stuck into. I feel very confident that I can make this work, I know if I work hard, push my boundaries and go back to doing what I love, it will make me a brighter person in the long run.

Wish me luck!



      1. I think so. I made a huge leap and I’m much happier. My anxiety has tremendously improved too.


  1. Good luck! Very brave thing to do. You need passion for your work. Nothing worse than getting up and going to a job you’re miserable in. I hope it all goes well!! Xx


  2. It’s always so scary to take that leap into the unknown, but it sounds like you’re making the right decision. And a very courageous one at that! My mental health spiralled downhill, when I was in a job that I absolutely hated, but as soon as I left, things got a little brighter. Nothing worse than dreading to go to work.
    I wish you all the best in your new venture and can’t wait to read more about it! Keep us posted!


  3. Whoop whoop! I’m new to your blogs … I’m a newbie but just read a couple and wanted to drop by to say good luck …. best thing I ever did was to go solo and you sound so much more motivated than I ever was so it’ll be fine. Maybe a bit scary at times, but I guess that’s normal. Good luck and keep us posted! Your newbie follower ☀️


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