Just me.

I’ve been struggling with this post because to be honest, I haven’t really had much to write about, while at the same time feel like I’ve been none stop. SO, to make life easier for all involved, I thought I’d do a recap here to get all of the information off my chest, and let those that are interested know exactly what’s been going down in a bite size nutshell – exciting, no?

Well, where to start? The last few months have been a bit all over the place. Job changes, personal difficulties, a whole host of things have been thrown at us that have been difficult to handle.

Firstly, I handed my notice in at my job, and it’s my final week there. Am I nervous? Absolutely bricking it! I decided in my ultimate wisdom that going freelance as a designer was the way to go, so financially I have about 10 months to make something out of nothing before I’m basically broke. Exciting!

Next up – fertility! I had such amazing support from people on twitter, and this has been a big part of our lives to be honest over the last 6 weeks. We had our first round of IUI a few weeks ago which unfortunately didn’t work, so we’re currently preparing for the next round and my girlfriend is taking hormones to help us along the way. So I expect you all, regardless of whatever cramp you may be suffering, to keep those fingers, toes and anything else crossed for the foreseeable future.

And now, the old friend that is anxiety. Well, he’s been a bit of a bugger lately to be honest. Going out has been a challenge purely due to a sickness feeling that I seem to be struggling with at the moment. Sometimes it’s quite intense, and creates a large amount of panic, which is causing an amount of avoidance that I’m not at all happy with. As a result, my mood has been all over the place, I’ve been overwhelmed, scared, frustrated, sad and a bunch of other emotions, but people are sticking with me regardless and I appreciate it.

So, with that said, I’m carrying on pushing, I’ll keep doing my thing and hopefully I’ll come out of it the other side. I have some big events coming up this year that should be something I’m so excited about, but anxiety is taking over and I won’t be having that. 2018 is the year of me, and I’m determined to conquer all of this. Onwards and upwards.


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  1. Good for you taking on such big goals while managing anxiety! Keep chasing your dreams and best of luck to you! Many blessings to you 💜🤗


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