Give me a break

When I began this account in February 2015, I did so as a form of therapy for myself. I wanted to tell my story, engage with likeminded people and spread positivity through the MH community. I wanted to let people know that through all of the difficult times, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and good things are awaiting us for when we’ve conquered our battles.

Along the way I’ve met some amazing people of whom I would consider to be friends. People that have offered me advice and guidance, have listened to my woes, or even turned to me for advice and guidance as they face difficult times. I’ve had complete strangers trust me with their biggest secrets, which for an anonymous account is quite the honour.

I’ve met people who have come and gone, I’ve introduced people to friends and watched them engage and grow as an account to begin providing support and light to those who are currently in darkness. Overall, twitter has been an amazing journey for me.

So it saddens me at the moment to see my account, and me, changing into something I never wanted it to be. I’ve always had a good relationship with people and try to remain neutral, non-judgemental and friendly overall. However more recently, I’ve been faced with difficult tweets, messages and even the odd troll here and there. Does that come with follower numbers? I’m not sure. However, it’s in my nature to retaliate and defend myself when faced with such responses. This isn’t a personal attack on anyone in particular, this is an observation of myself more than anything.

Twitter is about opinion, engagement and discussions, and I think as a platform it’s amazing and continues to do so much for the MH community and the fight against stigma. However for me, at the moment, it doesn’t seem to be that way and I’m actually experiencing some anxious feelings due to some of the messages I receive. That definitely is not what was intended for my twitter account.

So for that reason, I’ll be taking a short break. Not a complete break, I’ll still be sending the odd tweet and spreading the love, however I feel I need to take a step back and re-evaluate what I’m trying to get from this twitter account. After all, it’s my account, it’s my story to tell, and it should be the way I want it to be.

So for now, it’s not necessarily goodbye, just a “off to the shops, be back in a bit”.



  1. I am so sorry to hear you are experiencing negativity on Twitter. I wanted to reach out and tell you so.ethjng, an anonymous account to another anonymous account, you matter. People are mean and rude, but don’t let that dull your shine. Delete their negativity and you keep on spreading awareness and lighting up my feed with beauty and peace with your new little one.

    Human to human, you make a difference to me.

    I’ve been in your shoes, I run a site for blended family and stepmother support, I know that there is always going to be someone or someones who like to throw rocks. Life is not about the rocks, it’s about dodging them and building a house with them.

    Everyone needs a break, so take one and fill yourself back up with joy around you. Then come back more determined than before. Don’t let them win and take this great thing from you.

    I’m excited to see you are on WordPress! Looking forward to reading past and future posts 🙂 Positive Vibes my friend.


      1. Glad to hear 😊 Will be thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way! The new pup shall bring you peace ☺️💖


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