I’m a medical miracle

Anxiety is a funny ol’ game, isn’t it? The brain convincing you of all the terrible things that go on in the world are definitely going to happen to you in the space of 1 hour while you wander round Morrisons doing your weekly shop.

With that in mind, I thought I’d write a post of all the things anxiety has convinced me of in the last few months…

  1. A heart attack. In the last 3 months or so, I’ve probably had around 18 heart attacks, instead of indigestion.
  2. 5 strokes. Yep, when I get a bit of tingling in my face or a pain in my head it’s definitely NOT just a migraine or being tired.
  3. Nut allergy. I ate some cashews a few months ago and it made my mouth feel a bit funny, and since then I’m convinced if I eat a nut I’ll die. Except for when it’s in Nutella and I’m eating the full jar with a spoon or peanut butter encased on chocolate. Then I’m apparently fine.
  4. High blood pressure – I don’t even remember why I thought I had this symptomless illness.
  5. Low blood pressure – this is my most recent. I’ve gone dizzy a few times if I stand up fast like most human beings and because of that – I’m dying.

So as you can see not only has it been an eventful year, but I’m also a walking medical miracle.

Don’t buy into it. Rationalise it and ask yourself ‘how many people have survived 18 heart attacks?’. Chances are, the answer is none. Anxiety just wants to torment you.


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