To med or not to med?

As someone who loves food, this is a tough one for me. I’ve struggled a bit recently with anxiety, and the thing I’m tackling now is nausea. This can be quite crippling, and makes going anywhere at the minute really quite tough. Going for meals etc is becoming hard as I just can’t stomach food, yet when you’re out celebrating someone’s birthday with food, all eyes are on you as you say ‘I don’t think I’m ordering anything’. How can you sit like a plonker on the end of a table while everyone’s tucking in to some delicious looking food?

We went to a Christmas market with family the other week, which we were really looking forward to, but while there the thought of a food stall was horrendous. I couldn’t bare to think of eating a sandwich or chips, so went the whole day until about 6pm before eating a single thing.

Tonight we’re going out for my mother-in-laws birthday and it’s already creeping in. It’s a nice Italian, with what looks to be amazing food and I’m already looking at a menu that I don’t think I can bare to eat from. Yet we’ll go, I’ll find it hard, order something I don’t eat and end up having waiters and family question whether it was OK and do I want something else. The reality is I’m too sick to eat it and to embarrassed to say why.

Nausea being present means the anxious build up can be really quite tough, and makes the whole experience even harder.

As a result, I’ve recently been considering speaking to the doctors about some kind of medication to try and help with this. It’s a battle I’ve faced for a while and sometimes I’m on top of it, sometimes not so much. What worries me are dependancies that can come with using medication, the side effects (often nausea can be a symptom) and whether they actually work.

I think I’m just looking for a break, a little bit of relief and a couple of weeks where I can use go out for drinks with friends, or a meal with family without having to battle feeling sick and whether I’ll make it through the evening without having to go home unwell.

So if you have recommendations for medication that would help me with Anxiety, I’m all ears. I’m open minded and prepared to see if something would work for me.


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