Over the past 5 or 6 years, I’ve enjoyed and developed skills in cooking. What I didn’t expect was how important cooking would become in my recovery.

How? Cooking allows me to disconnect – it creates a short section of time where my complete focus has to be somewhere else and this allows me to turn off my anxious head even for an hour. When cooking is done, I feel I come back to my problems with a clearer mind. I’m also a firm believer that a healthy body = a healthy mind – if you fuel your body with the correct nutrients, vitamins and minerals you can cross this off the list of things to rule out when trying to overcome your mental illness.

I recently began blogging recipes I come up with and you can find this here: It’s slowly growing, and eventually plan to review recipes, restaurants and products on there that I find useful. This is down the line though, I have little time to post recipes, never mind review things too!

I also post regularly on Instagram some recipes I use to not only give me a release from anxiety but to approach life from a healthier point of view.

My goal over the next year is to write and design my own cook book – so watch this space!