Frown upside down

The last few weeks have definitely had their ups and downs, and I recently saw myself feeling disappointed for my attitude towards my anxiety. When I started the year, I had a very positive outlook, an outlook that saw me finally conquering my anxiety. 

But most recently it’s been tricky. Some things happened which brought my anxiety back to the forefront, and it’s made me think ‘oh, I’m not as in control as I thought I was’, which in turn had me worried about simple situations again like I used to before. 

Well balls to that! I have come a long way. I do continue to work hard every day to remain in a successful job, retain a strong family bond, socialise with peers but most importantly to ensure I remain challenged. 

We need to stop looking at anxiety as a negative. The fact I’m still here today is a massive positive. The fact I’m able to leave the house, that’s a positive. The fact I drive to work care free is a positive. Just because I/we are finding it tough, having a relapse, feeling sorry for ourself, doesn’t make it a negative. Use it to learn. Use it to push yourself! 

I understand this blog post is pure cheese, but it’s just how I’m feeling, so you need to get over it 🙂 happy Wednesday!


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