Making a twitter for me

I spend a lot of my time on twitter talking to loads of people, tweeting often complete nonsense while also opening up about my mental health battles, and discussing not only the things that trouble me, but that often trouble us all. I’m also known to tweet really cheesy things about “you can do it guys!” and “lets fight this!” along with some overused quote that everyone says but for some reason I think I’m the first person to share it. That said, it’s my twitter and that’s what I like to use it for!

However…(there’s always a however), I’ve recently fallen into the comparison trap of social media, comparing my own experience and account to that of others and it’s made me feel a bit rubbish about myself, so what better way to overcome that, than to write about it on here??

I see many accounts not only gain many followers, but more importantly their engagement is really high with lots of people getting involved, and while I strongly advocate that my account is for me, and not about the followers or stats, I can’t help but feel a little deflated or that I’m doing something wrong.

As this account is mostly anonymous, apart from a few friends who I’ve shared my identity with, I’ve always thought about how that limits the way in which people engage with me. I’ve never had someone refuse to engaging with me, and I’m very fortunate to have met some incredible people from all walks of life who have taught me to see the world and the way I live my life differently, but there are people I’ve always struggled to engage with, and I’ve often wondered if it was the anonymity thing.

I thought I’d put this theory to the test, and did a quick poll which 104 people answered:

“Does the fact my account is anonymous prevent you from wanting to engage with me via twitter?”

2 people said yes
87 people said no
15 people said it can be off putting

Although I stated the poll was completely anonymous, I did get some messages from really lovely people who stated they’ve engaged with me a few times and find me to be quite friendly *blush*, one lady suggested I was lovely (she’s right) and someone else said I was very easy to talk to (correct).

One last one said: “No, just because someone is not anonymous doesn’t mean that we know them. It is content, not name that matters to me.”

I guess that struck a chord, because it’s completely true. I know my account may not be for everyone, but the people I do engage and chat with are amazing people, they’re my mates and that’s enough. That’s all that matters really.

So I shall continue posting rubbish quotes, tweets that I think are funny and blog posts that talk about absolute nonsense like this one. And you should do exactly the same. Twitter isn’t about who we should be, it’s about who we are, and if that means staying my slightly chubby and ginger/grey/balding self while thinking I’m funny and poignant then so be it.


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